MALGUDI, an environmentally friendly sustainable village is inspired by the mythical town of Malgudi, which was immortalized by Mr. R.K. Narayanan in the evergreen classic Malgudi Days.

The concept behind malgudi is to make One discover a brand new way of life at this ecological miracle, where returning to a more simple lifestyle is not a step backwards in time but rather, one leap forward into a glorious future where man lives in perfect harmony with nature.

Set within a luxuriant 55 acre site area, the layout plan of this beautiful rural hamlet adjoining backwaters is inspired by the philosophy of responsible & sustainable living and the main focus is on the restoration of an ageless agricultural way of life. An unbelievable 80% of the total land area is comprised of open-to-the-sky green spaces devoted to protect, preserve and enhance nature,and is also lavishly enriched with every convenience imaginable . Regenerative design is applied to conserve what is healthy and rebuild what is depleted.

Sprawling majestically on the stunning landscape are just 112 exquisitely designed villas that reflect the synergetic ethos of oneness with ecology. Traditional elements and locally sustainable, low-emission building materials have been marvelously combined with alluring contemporary luxuries including top notch fixtures and fittings. The epicenter of Malgudi is the lavish approximately 33000 square foot Club-House which takes the center- stage among the world-class amenities on offer. Nature, Adventure, Sports, Entertainment, Pampering and Recreation…Malgudi has it all!

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